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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Top Ten Celebrity Mazes for May 2009, By Ink Blot Mazes – Y.Frimer

Top Ten Celebrity Mazes for May 2009, By Ink Blot Mazes – Y.Frimer

By yfrimer

While it is difficult to judge the actuale objective rating of a maze and even more so with multiple mazes, or worse yet with 10 MAZES (!) but yet here at inkblot mazes we deliver and on time. So sit back, relax and check out these top 10 mazes from Mazy 2009, create by Maze artist Yonatan Frimer from Ink Blot Mazes>

Top Ten Celebrity Mazes for May (maze?) 2009?

10) Susan Boyle singing to her large audience.

susan boyle mazes - maze of susan boyle singing i dreamed a dream on britians got talent


9) The Hinden Maze – Maze of the Hindenberg.

maze of the hindenburg


8) Maze of the Unicorn.

unicorn maze

7) Maze one for the gipper, maze portrait of former president Ronald Reagan, RIP

maze of ronald reagan

6) Maze of Beauty.

maze of beauty


5) Ninja Maze

Ninja maze

4)Death of A Loyalist Maze
death of a loyalist falling soldier

3) Captain Richard Phelps Maze
maze of captain richard phelps

2)Captain Sully Maze
captain sully

1) and the number one maze for may 2009 – Drum roll please…..

Tea Party Mazes

Stom Tea Party Maze.

Enjoy, and if you like them, let us know.


Ink Blot Mazes

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