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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Maze of the Statue of Liberty, By Yonatan Frimer

Statue of Liberty Maze
statue of liberty maze pschedelic maze art
Maze of the Statue of Liberty

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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Thanksgiving Worksheets, Crafts, Quotes, Maze And More

It's just a week until Thanksgiving, and in addition to planning the menu and preparing for guests, it might not be a bad idea to have a few fun finds on hand to entertain the children. Keeping with the theme of the holiday, check out the following sites that offer crafts, worksheets and even some worldly quotes about celebrating Thanksgiving.

Make a pilgrim collage, a thankful wreath, a pine cone turkey craft and more at Enchanted Learning. Most of the supplies needed are probably already in your home. Those that aren't can easily be procured at your local craft store the day before Thanksgiving.

Print out a Thanksgiving Maze Worksheet at All Kids Network, where you can also learn to craft a styrofoam turkey and a Native American headdress.

If all else fails, send the older kids to Quote Garden to copy down a few appropriately themed Thanksgiving quotes to incorporate into a blessing or to foster conversation at the dinner table.

Kimberly Ripley is a freelance writer and published author from New Hampshire who promises if you eat at her house on Thanksgiving she'll be well prepared with quotes and crafts to keep you busy while waiting for the turkey to cook. Visit her web site at

Check out some of these mazes bellow for fun and games, created by Yonatan Frimer
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Hallucamazenic Maze-A-Delic - Ink On Paper,
Winter 2006, by
Y. Frimer

Maze A Delical mazes

Ninja Maze 2009

Ninja maze
Maze of Ninja
Check out some of these mazes bellow for fun and games, created by Yonatan Frimer
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Croc Maze

Alligator, Crocodile, in the kitchen Mazes, Vanishing Point, Inkblot Art, in the kitchen

Your source for mazes.
Maze Kong - Ink on Paper
Maze Kong
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Bull Maze 2009
Maze illustration of a Charging Bull
Maze of charging bull

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Foot maze a big step for school

Foot maze a big step for school

LUNCHTIMES and lessons could soon be a-mazing for pupils after they drew up plans for an adventure area on their school field.

A proposed maze at Wybunbury Delves Primary School, near Nantwich, would be laid out in the shape of a giant foot, symbolising children's efforts to reduce their own carbon footprints.

It would be made entirely from natural materials, such as shrubs, and the network of paths would lead to a teepee at its centre.

This tent would act as an outdoor classroom and could be used for reading sessions, small group work and other fun learning activities.

The maze is set to form the centrepiece of an environmental area, which would also include a hibernation zone for hedgehogs, a sensory garden, a wildlife area, and a den.

But pupils and staff need funding to bring their grand ideas to life. So now they have turned to The Sentinel's and Barclays' Class Act competition for help.

If they win a £5,000 prize, it would pay for the materials they need and would also enable pupils to work with Cheshire Wildlife Trust on environmental science activities.

Rose Borup, aged 10, from Audlem, said: "We would probably get the school's environment club to help plant the maze.

"We could use the maze at lunchtimes, because we would have a longer period of time to find our way round it. But it shouldn't be too difficult or children may get lost.

"I really like the idea of mazes because they are fun and they keep you occupied. It would also be good to have a maze made out of natural resources, because it shows us about the importance of the natural environment."

Other ideas for the environmental area include creating an outdoor art gallery for children's work.

Teacher Rhion Silvester said: "The land isn't used at the moment and is just under an acre. With the maze in the middle of it, there is going to be a lot of space to work with. We've talked about having log piles to create a home for mini-beasts. The children have lots of other ideas."

All 185 pupils at Wybunbury Delves Primary would be able to use the maze, and so too would children who attend a pre-school on the same site.

Maze Portrait of Albert Einstein.
Portait maze of albert einstein

Obama Maze

barak obama maze by maze of mazes artist yonatan frimer

For solving these mazes, find the entrance and exit arrows and the path that connects them, then you've solved the maze.

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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Maze of Albert Einstein, created by Yonatan Frimer

Maze Portrait of Albert Einstein.
Celebrity, artword, celebrities, portraits, famous,  Portait maze of albert einstein
"Genius Maze" - By Y. Frimer

This Maze of Albert Einstein was created by Yonatan Frimer. the arrows depict the entrances and exits of the maze. good luck!

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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Borat Maze, YagshiMAZE!!!, created by Yonatan Frimer

Maze Of Borat, YagshiMaze! By Yonatan Frimer

I drew this maze after I decided that I thought the movie borat was really funny. I had watched it a few times and thought the skits where funnier, but still, the overall fame he had acquired and the fact that he went as Borat to talk shows, earns him the right to be mazed. To solve the maze you need to locate the arrows that depict the entrances and exit, and then find the path that connects them. How long did it take you to solve this maze of Borat?

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Ali G maze of Borat, I LIKEYagshimaze! Borat Maze, Sacha Barron Cohen

Monday, November 9, 2009

Maze of Gil Scott Heron, By Yonatan Frimer

Gil Scott Heron Portrait Maze
Gil Scott Heron Portrait Maze

Created By Yonatan Frimer

To Solve these mazes, simple find the entrance and exit arrows and then located the path that connects them, without crossing over any of the dark lines.

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